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e-Oracle is an Organic global Knowledge Network sustained by a portfolio of top tier Blockchain use-cases .

What Is e-Oracle?

e-Oracle is an educated global community using a proprietary and innovative decentralised platform to access a highly vetted pipeline of blockchain startups, The e-Oracle Use Case. The e-Oracle User is sharing in a unique wealth building model that exponentially distributes knowledge and wealth. Our 5+ Million plus e-Oracle Users is the Unicorn and our model our USP.

e-Oracle Gaming BlockChain

Blockchain system verifies and supports extreme levels of simple transactions and this enables players to engage in battles and win money. Take part in the competition and be rewarded for your winnings in the safest way possible.

Affiliate Membership

Welcome! At e-Oracle you can join an exciting and lucrative family of entrepreneurs building their financial future on a sustainable ecosystem of first tier Blockchain use cases. Simply select from our Platform Dashboard one of many economical memberships to get started today and join our first class family of global networkers, where you can learn, earn grow your business.

e-Oracle Works for You.

e-Oracle unites the cryptocurrency industry with the Online Gaming sector. Take your place, start earning rewards. Take advantage of cryptocurrency mining, staking and spend your daily earnings with your Peywey Mastercard Crypto.

Functions of e-Oracle:

e-Oracle's primary business function is providing the framework to incubate and accelerate the "best of bread" blockchain startup projects, and with success of this function, our e-Oracle Users participate in wealth generation directly from our DEFI, Yield Farming and Lending Ecosystem.

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How does it work?

This unique relationship between e-Oracle User and e-Oracle Startup is pure economic power and a win win for all as the e-Oracle Startup receives low-cost funding to achieve their business model, while the e-Oracle User enjoys a revenue stream while it waits for the e-Oracle Startup to evolve toward Unicorn status. Today these future e-Oracle Unicorns are already evolving on your platform, and they are ECN and Peywey. Let us explore further!